Hi there! I’m Sunny.

Greetings everyone! I'm Solicitation Sea Turtle, but you can call me Sunny. I have the very great privilege of being the official mascot of the Florida Sunshine Chapter of APMP.

Sunny’s Blog

I'll tell you that the competition for this job was pretty stiff. Solicitation Stingray makes it all look so easy as he glides about effortlessly around the reefs of proposal work. And FAR Flamingo can make even a federal proposal look flashy! I think it helped that I already had my own hard sided luggage. But what really convinced the board I was right for the job was my personal philosophy: When you get right down to it there isn't any preparation for working in proposals, you just hatch, wade in and head straight for deep water.

So that's what they've asked me to do — head for deep water. As a virtual chapter the Florida Sunshine Chapter has members spread out over 14 states and 12 countries! They've asked me to help them bridge the gap between our members. Since sea turtles are at home all over this big blue marble of ours, I'm heading for high tide and to visit as many of you as are willing to host me for a few days. Here's how it works:

If you'd like me to come visit you and your team, send me an email at: SunnyFLAPMP@gmail.com

Our chapter promotions chair will contact you to let you know approximately when to expect me, provide you with information about who you'll be receiving me from and who you'll be sending me to next, along with some minor details about my care and feeding. (I LOVE seaweed pizza but the doctor seems to think I've put on a few too many pounds under the shell and has me on a diet of these little round pellets. Between you and me they taste an awful lot like Styrofoam!)

Here's what we would like you to do in return:

  • Let me hang around with you and your team for up to 5 days

  • Document my stay with you in my "passport"

  • Take a picture of me interacting with your team and email it to me at SunnyFLAPMP@gmail.com

  • Ship me USPS to my next host

  • Follow my travels on the Florida Sunshine Chapter website: apmpflorida.org.

My first trip was to Boston for Bid and Proposal Con 2016, which was a total blast. There I caught up with APMP's RFP Roadrunner and Strategic Proposals' Proposal Panda who are old hands at this commuting business. I then headed out west and enjoyed some time in the great state of Washington and even ran a 5K (okay, I watched). Now I'm ready to head in your direction!

I hope to meet as many of you at SPAC and Bid and Proposal Con this year as I can. If you see me before I see you, please come up and introduce yourself. We can do lunch! If you can't be there (or even if you will be), please sign up to have me come visit you in person. Where ever you are!

Be seeing you on the high seas!

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