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We hold four general membership meetings — open to APMP members and non-members — and they are scheduled typically in March, June, September, and December. These meetings offer informative programs about various proposal development topics, provide APMP news, and allow for on-line networking.

For the near future, the meetings will be held virtually through webinar/conference call resources. However, we may occasionally hold virtual/physical (hybrid) or physical meetings as our chapter membership grows. We hope you will join our chapter and actively support our activities. See you at our next general membership meeting (virtually speaking).

September 14, 2023 Meeting, 12 ET

AI in Proposal Development – Past, Current, and Future

with Tom Lipscomb

Technology will not replace the human element soon but augments one’s abilities to produce better and faster proposals. In other words, focus on proposals that are more likely to win and ensure the submitted proposal is well received. 


The journey of AI in writing proposals started with automation and analysis in the form of RFP shredding/parsing with identified keywords.


So, what is AI? An overview of parts of AI that are currently being used in proposal development and how these technologies are being used. For example, Research and analysis, writing support, proposal evaluation, proposal development, proposal generation, and collaborative tools.

The Future

The Future of AI in proposal development is the improvement and enhancement of existing AI technologies. Additionally, new AI-related algorithms will provide early adopters advantages over their competitors. Mr. Lipscomb will present his insight into how he sees future AI being used in the contracting world.

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