Florida Sunshine Chapter Officers

2024 Florida Sunshine Board

Chapter Chair - Alyssa Feliho, CP APMP, CAP APMP (asfeliho@gmail.com)

Chapter Co-Chair - Vacant

Membership Chair - Sherry Simburger (ssimburger@outlook.com)

Assistant Membership Chair - Stephannie Dotson (stephannie.dotson@autogenai.com)

Programs Chair - Sherry Bach (sherry@norwood.com)

Assistant Programs Chair - Lindsay Allen (lindsay.allen@wwcglobal.com)

Publicity Chair - Jen Mosier, CF APMP (jmkingjm@yahoo.com)

Assistant Publicity Chair(s) - Cheryl Gessling (cgessling@taylorengineering.com)                                      

Tiffany Ramos (tiframos@gmail.com)

Promotions Co-Chair - Michelle Dugliss (mdugliss@hotmail.com)

Promotions Co-Chair - Tiffany Campion (tcampion@gilbaneco.com)

Secretary - Shannon Heilman (shannon.heilman@teledyne.com)

Treasurer - Dina Justes (dina.justes@teledyne.com)

Alyssa Feliho


Chapter Chair

Bringing three decades of proven and winning experience and expertise in all facets of business development, business analysis, capture and proposal management, and training--primarily in the Federal government (Defense and Civilian) sector--to Government Contractors (GovCon) and Government IT (GovTech) companies.


Sherry Bach

Programs Chair

Sherry Bach is the RFP Proposal and Sales Support Manager for Norwood. She has 10 years’ experience managing the RFP Proposal process from beginning to end, including contract negotiations and management. Her comprehensive background includes published author/songwriter/poet, 2 years retail management, 5 years in banking, 4 years as a supervisor in state government, 3 years commission only sales & 23 years
in healthcare.


Lindsay Allen

Assistant Programs Chair

Lindsay Allen is currently the Deputy Director of Capture and Proposals for Command Holdings. In this role, she guides capture activities and leads a team of skilled proposal professionals who expertly craft high-quality winning proposals. Lindsay brings 20 years of diverse management experience in proposal management, fundraising, talent acquisition, and event coordination with demonstrated leadership and organizational skills. An APMP member since 2021, her expertise includes resource allocation, process improvement, and strategic interactions. Lindsay holds an M.B.A. and APMP Bid and Proposal Management certification.


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