Program Recaps

December 2023

Using FOIA to be a better bidder and citizen with Mattie Scull, CP APMP

The presentation covers the Freedom of Information Act and how it can help you gain competitive and customer intelligence. You'll also learn how to submit a successful FOIA request and see examples of FOIA requests submitted to gain competitive intelligence.

Mattie Scull, CP APMP, is a Professional Services Consultant at Responsive (formerly RFPIO). Prior to that, she held various roles related to proposal management and content writing in the government technology sector. Mattie has a bachelor’s degree in English from Rollins College.

September 2023

AI in Proposal Development – Past, Current, and Future

with Tom Lipscomb

Technology will not replace the human element soon but augments one’s abilities to produce better and faster proposals. In other words, focus on proposals that are more likely to win and ensure the submitted proposal is well received.


The journey of AI in writing proposals started with automation and analysis in the form of RFP shredding/parsing with identified keywords.


So, what is AI? An overview of parts of AI that are currently being used in proposal development and how these technologies are being used. For example, Research and analysis, writing support, proposal evaluation, proposal development, proposal generation, and collaborative tools.

The Future

The Future of AI in proposal development is the improvement and enhancement of existing AI technologies. Additionally, new AI-related algorithms will provide early adopters advantages over their competitors. Mr. Lipscomb will present his insight into how he sees future AI being used in the contracting world.

June 2023

Developing a Winning Edge - Unleashing the Power of SWOT Analysis with Amy McGeady, Senior Vice President, Strategic Services, Shipley Associates

Discover the power of SWOT analysis in developing winning proposals. In this webinar, Shipley Associates will explore the art of using SWOT analyses to craft your win strategy and build compelling win themes. We’ll provide practical tips, real-world examples, and interactive exercises that help you use SWOT activities to develop a value proposition that showcases your proposal's unique value. Join us to enhance your ability to gather and analyze relevant information that makes your proposals more strategic and more competitive and more aligned to your customers’ goals and needs.

March 2023

WINNING Graphics, with Mike Parkinson

September 2022

To Bid, or Not to Bid - with Jeff Goldfinger

Whether to devote precious proposal resources to a competitive bid process is one of the most consequential decisions that can be made by a Capture Manager. In this presentation, Jeff Goldfinger relates the story of a weighty circumstance where his client was faced with bidding on work for a government customer that had just fired the client for poor performance on a related program. Jeff used an uncommon linguistic technique to diagnose and overcome both his client’s reluctance to bid and the harm done to their reputation to secure a win in the face of strong headwinds. this space to add more details about your site, a customer quote, or to talk about important news.

June 2022

All Things Price with Christopher S. Kalin, Managing Partner at CSK Management, CPP APMP Fellow

March 2022

Mining for RFP Gold” with Diane Hallock, CF APMP - Diane outlined how client intelligence information can be mined from data related to an organization’s RFP activity, resulting in use for future RFP success to improve an organization’s approach to winning business.

September 2021

“Five Forces to Help You Win", with Randy Richter - Michael Porter’s 5 Forces model is commonly used to analyze the level of competition within a market. When applied in the context of an opportunity, the model can be used to project how aggressively known players will compete, and whether new players are likely to toss their hats in the ring. Hear how to use this valuable tool to help you aim at the right target – and increase your odds of hitting the bullseye!

June 2021

Melissa Paye, CF APMP brought us The Proposal Manager as Leader. She shared that Leaders are neither born nor made. They emerge, as circumstances requiring their skills and abilities arise, matching their style and substance with the needs of the moment. Leaders must build trust and communicate well.

March 2021

Mike Parkinson brought the latest tools and techniques to make professional proposal graphics quickly with little to no money. No design skill needed. All attendees saw the latest trends and received 1,800 icons, Mike’s Graphic Cheat Sheet, his top free and low-cost websites and tools, and more.

Presentation includes a graphics cheat sheet.

December 2020

Steve Stage presented an introductory look at sound Practices for BOSS Cost Estimating, BOE and Technical Volume Relationship, and value of Coordinated BOE and Technical Volumes.

September 2020

Jeannette Waldie showed us how to manage content efficiently, so you have the time and energy to implement best practices and effectively target the proposal to win. This presentation will provided valuable techniques to manage proposal teams of any size and obtain proposal content promptly.

June 2020

Dr. Robert "Bob" S. Frey presented us with three notable ways in which proposal development practices have changed among forward-leaning and highly successful international organizations.

March 2020

Chris Simmons shared how winning is all about standing out from the competition and capturing the attention and imagination of proposal evaluators. Strong targeted proposal themes can make the difference between winning and losing your next bid.

December 2019

Bethany Burton. Identifying the need for methods for Competitive Intelligence that encompass gathering, analyzing, and distributing a wide range of actionable information to the capture, proposal, pricing, and management teams.

September 2019

Dick Eassom. Based on years of having to incorporate author content into winning proposals, an hour of basics on how Word works.

June 2019

Christine Campbell showed us how a quality price to win solution addresses the fact that price is only part of the winning equation.

March 2019

Samantha Enslen showed us how to scientifically measure the readability of your proposal text and four easy ways to significantly improve readability.

December 2018

Kevin Jans discussed Why COs love FAR 16.5: Knowledge & Insights From Contracting Officers

November 2018

Jenny W. Clark. Using proprietary tools, Jenny showed us how to gain competitive pricing by creating customized rates and pricing models for companies with "what if" scenarios — allowing visualization of future work on costs and pricing so that win rates may be improved.

September 2018

Mr. Charlie Divine presented overview information about APMP Certification — the global standard for demonstrating your proposal management competency.

June 2018

Marina Goren discussed how being an incumbent used to give you an immediate advantage over the rest of the competition. However, in today's world other strategies and techniques are needed to succeed.

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